Te Puiaki Kaipūtaiao Ānamata  |  The Prime Minister’s Future Scientist Prize


The 2021 Prime Minister’s Science Prizes  application process is not open yet and will open in July – date to be confirmed. Information below could change or be updated in the interim. 


Guidelines for submitting your entry

The application process will take you to the Prime Minister’s Science Prize Portal.

  • The nominator completes the Nominator Template where they are required to answer several questions.  The nominator should be somebody that knows about the work you have undertaken well and who can comment on that.


  • The Applicant completes the Application Template. The Application template includes:
    • Space to write a one page summary about your research
    • Space to write a full report (up to 5 pages)
    • Questions for the tauira student to answer
    • Room for applicant to add any other supplementary material such as photos, graphs, raw data, copied material from log book (up to 10 pages)
    • Each applicant is required to make a 2-3 minute video where they can speak about what they have researched. There will be an ability to copy and paste the url for the video.


  • If the applicant has a mentor then the mentor is required to complete the mentor form
    • Once you have named your mentor and included contact details an email will be sent to them with a link to the portal where they have access to the mentor form.


Applications need to be complete by 5pm, 8 October.

Once you have read the above please click here to start application process.